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What's the Big Idea?

What’s the Big Idea? is a free educational web site that encourages middle school students to explore and discuss ethical issues. It features an online curriculum that includes short scenes from popular feature films and television shows. Teachers facilitate the philosophical discussions. What’s the Big Idea? is broken into five sections covering five ethical issues: Bullying, Lying, Friendship, Peer Pressure, and Environmental Ethics.


Links to What's the Big Idea?

"We are located in South Australia and are only just implementing Philosophy as a new subject... The material on your website is excellent."

-Denise Herreen, Assistant Principal

“I am a sixth grade social studies teacher. I am so impressed with how you present a topic that can be hard to understand and make it fun and engaging. I have seen my students critically think about issues in a new way and I love it!"

-Cori Friezen, Amphitheater Public School, Tucson, Arizona

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