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Something To Talk About:

Five Schools Speak Out About Free Speech

"We must beware of the rubric of protecting speech being used as a fig leaf for intimidating those with less power.​"

Michael S. Roth, President, Wesleyan University

The Film

Something To Talk About is a one-hour documentary about freedom of speech on American college campuses. It follows an arc of discovery - a journey of ideas that comes to reveal contradictions woven into the culture and even the structure of America. The film, in essence, changes its mind. Can something that we think of as an undisputed Good - the ideal of freedom - become a disguise for prejudice and inequality?

Current Stage

Thanks to the generous support from both the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and the Beveridge Family Foundation, we are currently in pre-production. We are working on a fundraising trailer and (endless) grant applications to finish the trailer, develop a script, and continue interviews when schools open up again in the fall of 2020.


Amherst College, 2019

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