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Hot Tuna Meltdown

So a princess walks into a diner and orders a tuna fish sandwich. What could go wrong? Hot Tuna Meltdown is a short film that’s funny and allegorical, whimsical and cautionary: Is it about humans poisoning the earth, or the power of one unusual mind to sense the fear and beauty and magic in the world?

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Our Story


We are a bunch of filmmakers, actors and artists who have been telling stories for many years. We’ve won awards (Emmys and Best-in-Festival prizes, etc.), been on TV, run theater companies, and this is all fine and good, but what really means something is all of the love and support we've received from friends and family who made our quirky film possible!




Julie Akeret - Writer, Producer - Julie Akeret has worked in various capacities of the documentary film industry as a sound editor, camera operator, director and producer for many years. Her films focus on education, the arts, and rights issues and are distributed nationally through Women Make Movies and Bullfrog Films.


Colin Hodgson - Director, Editor - Colin Hodgson is a filmmaker who creates documentary and narrative films. He is in the final stages of filming and editing his first feature length documentary HERO CAMP!, directed by Sam Ho, and has several short-form documentaries in post-production as well. Additionally, he helps organizations (such as UNICEF, PCMA, and AVID) tell stories that make a positive impact.


Jasper Fletcher - Cinematographer - Jasper Fletcher is a director, editor, and cinematographer whose coming-of-age film Rabbit won Best Boston Film at the Boston Short Film Festival and Best Overall Film at the All American High School Film Festival in 2022. He is in post-production for his personal documentary When We Move, which he made with his twin brother Lukas, and is currently a junior at Wesleyan University.


Sam Daniel - Actor (Charlie), Producer - Sam Daniel has starred in numerous short films, was a day player on two episodes of American Horror Story, and recently played a supporting role in the soon-to-be released Chiwetel Ejiofor film Rob Peace. He's also a writer, and is working on his second novel, which is focused on the Cuban Revolution. His first is about anti-poaching rangers and the ivory trade.


Carly Censi - Actor (Meg) - Carly is a New York City-based actor & singer. She comes from a strong theater background, and has been seen over the last few years performing regionally in various plays and musicals. Recently, she has branched out to film through several classes and projects.


Chris Cronin - Actor (The Waitress) - Chris is an improvisational comedian who has performed with Improv Boston, Happier Valley Comedy, The Majesters, and the Villa Jidiots. She has also been on-air talent for public television, and has appeared in plays and short films.


Scott Braidman – Actor (The Cook) - Scott is an actor, improviser, teacher, and the Artistic Director of Happier Valley Comedy, the only improv comedy theater and training center in Western MA. You can see him performing in small films and many improvised shows, the most impressive of which is called being a dad.

Linus Rondina - Actor (The Kid) - Linus loves cars, school and soccer. This is his acting debut.


Alejandro Cameron - Sound - Alejandro has worked for the PBS station WGBY-57 for ten years.

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