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Not Just Garbage

Winner of First Prize Documentary at the USA Film Festival, this whimsical portrait of the Official Artist-In-Residence at the New York City Department of Sanitation has been warmly received by audiences nationwide.

"Video maker Julie Akeret captures Ukeles' original means of expression beautifully. It takes guts to make films about maintenance artists and garbage."


Paul Mazursky


In Defense Of Animals

What Martin Luther King is to civil rights and Gloria Steinem to women's rights, Austrailian philosopher Peter Singer is to animal rights. This thought-provoking documentary presents the clear and rational arguments that form the underpinnings of this growing movement.

"A clear and persuasive profile of the founding father of a significant movement, In Defense of Animals is a very importat acquisition for library collections."

**** (Four Stars)

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Sharing Stories: Polish Life in Our Valley

In May, 2004, Springfield, Mass. PBS station WGBY broadcast this documentary produced and directed by Julie Akeret. It was commissioned by the station to serve as the centerpiece of the station's spring fund drive. The piece portrays the vibrant Polish community in the Connecticut River Valley, examining the various waves of immigration, the overlooked stories from World War II, and how the arts and religion help to preserve the sense of community among Polish-Americans.

Looking for Common Ground

A town is split by the divisive issue of gay and lesbian rights at a rural high school in Western Massachusetts. This piece is a document of what the people on the front lines of the battle are thinking and saying about this issue.

"This well balanced video encourages both sides of this divisive debate to listen to and respect one another's position in the interest of our children's well-being."

- Library Journal

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