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"This is a film that needs to be seen by principals, funders and legislators because it presents evidence of what those of us in the arts already know: education and participation in the arts is not ancillary to education, it is fundamental to education."

               - Lesley Farlow, Professor of Theater and Dance, Trinity College

In cities across the country, public schools are failing our children. Lack of funding, an increased emphasis on standardized testing, and a general sentiment that "the arts are frivolous" have led to a dramatic cutback of art in our schools. In Springfield, Massachusetts, George and Alyson Gouzounis initiated a dance program designed to bring the arts back into the schools. Their program, Over the Top, teaches ballroom dancing to over one thousand fifth graders in seven public schools each year.



Clips from Step By Step can be viewed:

Step By Step:

Keeping The Arts Alive

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